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Terilyon software Ltd
Since 2006

TimeGuard is semi-automatic and smart package for tracking time, tasks progress, expenses, orders and billing. It is used by companies and individuals worldwide. Among the companies that bought TimeGuard are also Intel, Medtronic, Innodata Isogen, Chochlear and others.

Time tracking, tasks, expenses and orders



Projects, Tasks & Log employees knowledge!

Coming soon!

Coming soon.

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Bodyguard for Windows

Improves work productivity and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Bodyguard is an application designed to help reduce fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and concentration problems resulting from long office hours. It runs in the background and frequently reminds you to take a short break or drink a glass of water. Bodyguard monitors computer activity, so it can calculate times based on actual work. Bodyguard times and break intervals can be customized. Version 4 coming soon!

Increase your business productivity today!

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