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Terilyon software Ltd
Since 2006

TimeGuard is semi-automatic and smart time tracking package used by businesses worldwide. Among the companies that purchased TimeGuard are big ones like Intel, Medtronic, Innodata Isogen, Chochlear and many small companies.

Among TimeGuard’s features:

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TimeGuard is a practical tool that will not wait passively for your input. It will actively help your business to manage its time tracking and expense logging, taking much of the burden off users' shoulders. TimeGuard hides sophisticated mechanisms behind an easy-to-use interface. It monitors computer activity and will ask the user the right question at the right time, as if it were a personal secretary. TimeGuard can record tasks in real-time or allow users to report tasks manually, such as tasks carried out away from the office.

24/7 Support:

Terilyon support is always available when you need it. You are welcome to contact us.

Semi-automatic, easy to install, easy to use!

Time tracking & billing, tasks, expenses & orders

TimeGuard V4.5

  • Multi-user:  1 - 50 users
  • Time billing, Tasks, Expenses, orders
  • Advanced reporting
  • Only $69  (1 PC, 1 year)

TimeGuard Network

  • Single-user
  • Time billing, Tasks, Expenses, orders
  • Advanced reporting
  • Only $49  (1 PC, 1 year)

TimeGuard Pro

  I am extremely happy with TimeGuard... it is one of the smartest and simplest bits of software to use ever. After trialing for a time I was hooked... it just works, so was an easy decision to buy. Well done.
S. Robertson, Australia

      WOW, Fast tech support that's on target and goes the extra mile with pictures. Are you guys for real?.. Very impressive.
A. Clay, USA