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TimeGuard support

TimeGuard Tips:

Online help:  TimeGuard’s online help can be found here. It contains detailed information how to use TimeGuard, and make the most out of it’s extensive capabilities.

Login tip:  When first using TimeGuard Network or Pro, login by clicking the 'Employee' link and select 'Admin' from the list. Type 123456 in the password field. Later change the password, so other users will not login as admin.

Navigation tip: Use the ‘right-click’ pop-up menu. It is available when you click the right mouse button, and allow quick and easy navigation. The options in the pop-up menu will provide an answer to many of the ‘how to’ questions. The pop-up menu contains context-sensitive help that can further help you. With the ‘right-click’ pop-up menu, you can master TimeGuard in minutes! For more information about the popup menu click here.

Remarks and Auto-remarks: can be used in TimeGuard Network and TimeGuard Pro as a flexible way to tag and classify your tasks and expenses. Later check the 'By remark' checkbox In TimeGuard reports window, to search for tasks (or expenses) that match any text string. More about it here.

Backups: TimeGuard backs up your database regularly. If a problem occurs, your data is safe and TimeGuard's recovery mechanisms will help you resume business quickly. If you need assistance, contact support.

How to check for the latest version:
1. Open 'Activity report'.
2. In the 'Help' menu, select 'Check For Latest Updates...'.
3. TimeGuard will download the latest version for you.
4. Exit TimeGuard and start it again.

TimeGuard support

"WOW, Fast tech support that's on target and goes the extra mile with pictures. Are you guys for real?.. Very impressive."  
A. Clay, USA

When contacting TimeGuard technical support, it would help us serve you better if you provide your order number, software version and operating system.

You can also find answers to some questions in TimeGuard’s online help.

Tech support messages: