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Since 2006

You work all day long... there is so much to do... minutes pass, hours go by, and you... forget! You forget to take care of your most precious tool: Your body. You forget to give it short breaks for recovery, and you forget to supply the water it needs in order to maintain normal metabolism.

The short-term results

As time passes, there is a decrease in your productivity and in your ability to concentrate; very often you suffer from fatigue, headaches and eyestrain. At the end of the day you have less energy for other aspects of your life and for the people around you. Those seemingly minor issues have a dramatic impact on your work and your life.

The long-term results

Neglecting your body's basic needs might accumulate and create various health problems, such as damage to eyes, kidneys and other organs. Studies show that taking breaks and moving your body can reduce the risk of thrombosis. Drinking water on a regular basis can even help your diet.

It's simple: you don't operate Bodyguard… It "operates" you!

Bodyguard "senses" you. It is smart and has mechanisms which can tell when you are using your computer and when you are not. It will remind you to take short breaks throughout the day and to exercise, and will instruct you when to drink water in order to maintain your fluid balance. Bodyguard can contribute right now to your productivity and to your quality of life!
iPhone version is also available here.

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