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Terilyon software Ltd
2006 - 2018

Crush Shop is an action\arcade game. It requires quick response, coordination and skill. You own a demolition shop and work with the police to destroy stolen goods that they capture. You get paid for every item that you smash burn and destroy (a fee tag is attached to every item). You need to select the proper tools for every demolition job. As the degree of difficulty increases with every level, you also encounter dangerous items that you must find the way to handle. If you don’t... well, if you don’t, get ready to spend a lot of your money (game money) on damage repairs. Be especially worry about the mighty alligator. You can earn a lot of money if you catch it, but how? This elusive animal will cost you an arm and a leg before you figure that out.

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As you make progress and earn money, you add new items to your workshop.

Those items will make your workshop more hospitable and better equipped.

Can you handle what’s coming your way?…
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